Spice Glaze

Granite couter top

Paradise Marble and Granite has been offering high quality and affordable custom granite countertops to your costumers. Granite is considered to be the industries choice of stone to use for various countertops. Granite is not only beautiful but nearly resilient to the everyday wear and tear a family can put on a kitchen. Granite effortlessly withstands extreme temperatures, hard stains, and scratching.


Espresso Shaker

Kitchen Cabinets and Vanities

Paradise Marble and Granite has been offering the best options of the branding partners. With Quality, warranty and a professional team work, paradise marble and granite can do your dream a wonderful reality.

Edges posibillities

One of the unique areas we specialize in is custom edgework. A custom edge really creates the difference between a standard remodel and one that makes a truly extraordinary statement. Some of the edges you can select from include bevel edge, eased edge, bullnose, ¼ Round over and many more options.


Stainless stell sinks

Witch paradise can you have a elevate your space using perfect cabinets and countertops sinks do add beauty function. The best quality for your kitchen are here.

Small Oval Bowl

Bathroom sinks

We have thousands of vanities with great storage space, single or double sinks, and many styles and colors! Create your own look with our bathroom vanity and we can do!


Flooring and Backsplashes

Kitchen flooring and backsplashes are important to the overall aesthetic design of the entire home. They are exposed to high amounts of mechanical stress so it is important to choose a high quality tile. Granite is the best flooring choice for floors. Backsplashes must be tolerant of steam, and food or oil stains, must withstand falling objects and abrasion from chair legs.